Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spender-Confused Government

If one would look solely at the way President Obama has been speaking about wanting to cut spending on our defense they would come to the conclusion that this is an administration that does not spend money easily. They would be under the impression that our government is going to be very careful about spending our tax dollars, and is very concerned with our national debt. This is what one would think if they only looked at the way Obama speaks about spending on our defense.

But then one might look at all of the debate about healthcare reform. One might see that there has been almost no attempt to cut spending and that the CBO has reported huge increases in government spending on healthcare, should any of the bills they had reviewed become law. One might look at all of the stimulus bill spending. One might happen to notice our national debt is indeed rising, and all projections show it will keep rising.

I find this to be very interesting. While the President plans to cut spending on one of the few things that the government is empowered to spend on, according to the constitution, he is speaking about increasing spending in areas that should have nothing to do with the government.

And it is not as if there is no reason to be interested in making our military strong at this time. Just look at the recent headlines in the news. You will see news about how Iran can now make a nuclear bomb, and about how Russia and Venezuela are becoming very friendly with Iran. You will read about China possibly being able to undermine our operations in the Pacific. And there is talk about cutting spending on our defense? This is one of the main reasons why our government exists.

The problem is that the government is slowly being molded with the community. The government’s job is to provide defense, a judiciary system and so forth; while it is the job of the community to deal with things such as healthcare. People should work together to take care of each other, and make sure that people who need help can get it, but that is not the job of the government, nor was it given the power to do so. That is the job of the community.

When the government speaks about less spending on defense, but more spending on things such as healthcare, it shows me that they are forgetting who they are; that they are switching from being the government to being the community. The community, however, is not able to become the government. And, the government is much too large to be a community, and brings along with its ‘community actions’ laws and restrictions that infringe on peoples private lives. One of the beauties of a community is that everybody pitches in optionally, and no one is forced to do anything.

So as the government becomes more and more like a community, we loose our ability to function independently in our own communities. This leaves us with a government that infringes on our private lives, and at the same time damages our ability to effectively take care of the very same things they are claiming to be helping us with. And all this, while neglecting to do the things they are supposed to do as our government.

SHOUT OUT: I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Great One, Mark Levin, for letting me plug my blog on his show last night.


  1. Hey, heard you on Mark Levine-- I was impressed that you were able to get a plug into Mark Levine show-Congrats, hope you get lots of followers--you seem like a bright kid. Good luck in your future ventures.

  2. Obama's trying to morph the illegal's healthcare angle into "legalize them then" (which I read from a drudge link). So, it isn't a big step for Obama to finish, "...and this will help pay for Government run healthcare without raising your taxes."

    Its a many-headed snake.

  3. i too heard you on mark levin. i like your blog very much!

  4. I also heard you on the Mark Levin Show. You sounded like a great person for "our team." I went you your blog and have now added you to my favorites. Keep up the good work!

  5. Also heard you on Mark Levin. After your call, I immediately looked up your site. A great call to the Great One. Keep up the good fight. I'll check back often.

  6. Heard you on Mark Levin and now reading your posted article you make a great point.You are tapping into something that clarifies a misconception and puts a damper to the modern liberal. Government, especially Federal, isn't community. Well done. Keep it up.

  7. Sorry, let me articulate that, government should not be or equated to community. My bad.