Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Presidential Vacation

As I am sure you have all heard the Obamas are on vacation. Many people seem to be upset by this. People are saying things along the lines of ‘How can they be vacationing in that expensive place, while the economy is in such shambles?’ (I can not tell you who is saying this, but I am sure someone is.) I could not care less if they want to go on vacation. In fact, I prefer they go on vacation because it means we will have a break from all the town halls and press conferences. But none-the-less, being the widely read and relied upon writer that I am, I know that it is my duty to discuss the situation.

Let us address the complaint that most people seem to have: That it is wrong for him to vacation while a large number of people in America are barely able to make ends meet. I do not agree with this complaint. It is not his job to suffer alongside his constituents. While it might be a good leadership technique, and might work to raise his popularity, (which has been sinking, and for good reason,) he is not responsible to halt his leisure because others might not be able to vacation themselves (as long as he is doing his job.) However, with this particular president I do find myself a little upset to see him on vacation because of his attacks on the financial industry C.E.O.s. He said things along the lines of ‘they could see what the rest of America lives like for a while.’ If he is going to be knocking them living a wealthy lifestyle, he should be refraining from splurging himself.

To those who keep saying that George Bush also took many vacations, I want you to remember this: President Bush stopped playing golf in the middle of his first term in office, because he felt it was wrong to be out having fun while his troops were fighting overseas. Just want you to keep that in mind when you try to compare Obama to President Bush.

Another thing about this that upsets me is the principle of the government spending money on anything other than the country. It has been reported that the Obamas are picking up the tab for their accommodations in Martha’s Vineyard (about $35,000.00 a week.) But remember, when you are President you can not just go on vacation. You bring a very large entourage with you. The Obamas are not paying for them to come along. I do not think they are paying for their or the entourage’s airfare on Air Force One. So, in the end, this vacation is costing us money. True, in the big scale of things not very much, but it is the principle that matters. Why should we be paying for the President to go on vacation? The Constitution very clearly says that the politicians get a compensation for the time they spend away from their regular jobs in order to serve the country, but does not talk about getting money to go on vacation. But this is right in path with this administration’s slogan ‘spend spend and spend.’

His spokesperson said that since he had been working so hard he deserved this vacation. That is not our fault. Our government should not be putting in full time the way they do. If they were not putting in so many hours they would not be coming up with so much controlling legislation. If they did not have so much free time they would not be able to write 1500-page bills describing how they will control our lives. Not to mention the fact that even with being on a full time salary most of them do not even take the time to read those 1500 pages before voting on the bill.

And take this the right way Mr. President; we would have been a whole lot better off if you had not been working so hard.

PTP: Last week Obama said that the Republicans are only fighting the healthcare reform because they think it will lead to them winning back the house in the midterm elections (like they did in ’94.) Let me ask you, if the country does indeed want the reform, wouldn’t the Republicans fighting it hurt them? And if the country does not want it, then is it not good that the Republicans are fighting it? So if Obama is thinking that opposing the healthcare could win them elections, he should also realize it is because the country does not want the reform, and he should halt it himself. Well, if he cared what the country wants, that is.


  1. Wasn't he voted in with the country knowing he wanted this..... Doesn't that mean the majority does want it?

    The Republicans them selves have made comments such as they are going to fight against this cause they want to try and make him look bad.

    And this whole vacation thing, are you serious? What a load of propaganda crap you just spewed out there. The CEO's were not criticized for use of their money, they were criticized for using company money to go on "company vacations" and paying them selves crazy bonuses as their companies tanked.

    You say you can't compare it to Bush's vacation cause he stopped playing golf?!?!?!?! He still went on vacation, what a stupid pointless argument. And because the country cares for the well being of their presidents it means they can not go on vacation anymore?

    I seriously am having a hard time with this post as the propaganda you spat out is completely and utterly thoughtless.

  2. Propoganda? What am I trying to push? The point I was making was that Bush did cut back on his leisure activities. I did not say that a president has to, nor do I feel that one should. The president does not have a responsibility to not have fun. That is not in the job discription.

    The point I was making was that the same president who repremanded CEO's for going on trips, should not then be doing so himself (and he was not only talking about company money.) But even if he was only talking about company money, it is their company they could do as they please. And, Obama is also spending company money. Only his company is us. Our tax dollars.
    And about the PTP, I do not think it was clear he would be doing this. He spoke of making some changes but not something like this. And as I said, if you are right that the majority wants it, then Obama should want the Republicans to be fighting it. Right?