Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama, Man of the People?

During the Iraq war there were many people who were expressing that they were not happy with its development. The media as well as various politicians were jumping all over this. They were constantly reporting about the 60, or so percent of Americans who did not approve of what was happening in Iraq. The media was using this number to try and make the President out to be distant from his people, and not caring about their desires. Politicians were using it to try and raise their personal approval ratings by stating that they were part of that 60%.

Then Senator Obama, was one of these politicians. During the campaign he told us so many times that he was one of the members of the government that were against the war in Iraq. That he was like the over 60% of Americans who were against it. Well, now he is the President (as he likes to tell us,) and now there are polls being taken about the approval of his policies. The candidate Obama seemed to care very much about public polls. He was always there to show that he was on the same side of the majority of Americans on various issues.

How is he handling the polls now? Well, he is seeing his overall approval rating drop, as well the approval of many of his policies. One such issue being the healthcare reform. The polls now are showing that 52% of Americans are against the government increasing their roll in the healthcare system. This time, however, the President does not find himself agreeing with the majority. So does he speak about the leaders not being in touch with the people? Does he begin to listen, and maybe back off his strong push for change?

Not that I have seen. All I have seen is Obama pushing his agenda even stronger. More press confrences, more townhalls. I do not think Bush was on T.V. this much during his whole 8 years. But there is Obama, day in and day out trying to convince us that we are wrong. Trying to tell us that we do want more government involvment in our lives. Because he knows better, right?

And what about the media? Are they jumping on this and saying how Obama has lost contact with the people? Are they using this to show that this administration does not really care about what the American people really want? That they are really radical idealogues seeking to push their agenda, and increase the control of the government? They are not. Why is this any different? In both cases you have the polls showing that the majority of Americans do not agree with what the President, and his administration are trying to do.

There is actually one difference. The polls taken that were showing most Americans to be against the war, were mostly taken after that war started. These polls, however, are being taken before the healthcare reform has taken place. So this time, there is an oppurtunity to listen to people. This time the President can say, 'look, I was wrong. This is not what the people want.' But will that happen? Do not count on it, for one simple reason. For that to happen, Obama would actually have to care about what we want.

PTP= Obama says he cares about the middle class. That he cares about helping the less fortuante in our country. If that were true, then try to explain this: His proposal for increasing government revenue has been to remove the tax cut wealthy people get when they give charity. If he really cared about helping people who have less, why would he want to decrease the amount of charity that would be given?
(Stay tuned..... This PTP will be given an expert answer from yours truly.)

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