Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Global Warming = Global Corruption

Gather around children, it is story time. There was once man who spent a lot of time convincing the world that blue shirts are better than green ones. He explained that in blue shirts one can move faster, think better, and even lose weight. He was so convincing, that he even got the government to make laws enforcing the wearing of blue shirts. Everyone was so proud of him. He won awards for his great contribution to society. There was one thing that everyone managed to overlook though. This man owned a company that manufactured blue shirts. Did anyone stop to think that maybe he had an alternative motive in promoting the wearing of blue shirts. That maybe he was not doing it to make people healthier, but in order to make his company a whole lot more valuable.

Well, this story is not true. But it is very similiar to one that is. Al Gore, a man sent here to save us from the horrible threats of world disaster, and to rescue us from the oncoming horrors of global warming, is very much like the man in this story. Did you know that Mr. Gore is one of the partners of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a firm who has a large amount of money invested in developing "green" products? Or that he founded the company Generation Investment Managment, a company also heavily invested in global friendly products? Maybe, just maybe, he was thinking of these compnaies while he making his documentary. Maybe he was picturing the potential earnings of a eco-friendly company, specifically in a world that fears for the future of its planet. A fear that he himself did a great deal to promote. Now, I am not saying he invented global warming, (this is not the internet we are talking about,) but I am suggesting that he found a way to capitalize on it. Just look at how he lives and you will know in a second that he does not really care for the cause he is constantly preaching about. Look at his 20 room mansion equipped with a guest house and a pool. Take a look up to the sky to see him fly by in his private jet. I am not saying he should not have these luxuries, but if he is going to preach about conservation and cutting back on energy, he sure as hell better be doing the same himself.

Especially if his works are going to lead to government enforced regulation on the rest of our energy usage. The Waxman-Markey bill will devastate the economy. It will raise taxes on companies, and we will feel the brunt of it. Some of us will feel it when we get fired due to downsizing to make up for the new increases in expenses. And all of us will feel it as the prices rise for many products for the very same reason.

The bill also has corruption written all over it. There are a few question I would like to have answered. (Although I do not think the answers would come quickly since I doubt any of the congressman who voted for the bill even read any of the over 1200 pages it consisted of.) Who will determine how many 'energy shares' each company gets? What is stopping the government from giving fewer shares to companies it seeks to harm, such as ones that might not be 'green' enough for them?

Waxman-Markey is not the only way the government has recently been stepping in to control our energy uses. There are laws passes now that will regulate the make of lightbulbs we use. There is legislation that will the miles per gallon a car gets. Just wait, it won't be long before there are rules regulating how much energy we can use in our own homes. Before the government will have the power to shut down our power if we go over our limit. Or before NASCAR becomes illegal for its cars drive to fast and use too much gas.

Bottom line, these bill is no more than another way for the government to control our lives. It will give them the power to break down many companies, and boost up their friends. It is just another step towards the type of government that Barack Obama is trying to create. The type of government that has its wings spread over every part of our lives, and suffocates us while it itself expands.

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