Sunday, July 26, 2009

President Obama: Doesn't mingle?

As the uprising in Iran was beginning, and claims of a rigged election were becoming very loud our President made it clear that we do not mingle in the affairs of other countries. He said that it is not our place to step in and interfere in their election, and that it was Iran's business to conduct it's own election. I am not sure why this is the case. The man who "won" the election, Ahmadinejad, is in the process of obtaining nuclear power. (Something Obama seems to be fine with.) He has also stated very openly that there is a country he feels should be destroyed completely. How could we not step in and do everything in our power to try to remove this man from a position that allows him to pose this kind of threat. The kind of man who speaks about erasing a country from the face of the earth, is not someone who should be allowed to remain in a position that would allow him to do so.

Nor did Obama seem to react very quickly in letting Iran know that the way they were treating the protesters was unacceptable. He did eventually say it, but it was clear that it should be known that America is not going to be mingling in the affairs of other countries.

However, from Obama's own actions it seems clear that America does indeed mingle in the affairs of other countries. He has spoke out many times telling Israel to halt its settlement building in the West Bank. If we do not mingle in the affairs of others, why would he be saying this. Not to mention the fact that one of the times he said it was in Egypt, while he was in essence speaking directly to the Arab world. Why would he say that Israel was at fault for building the settlements, and that they were doing a great deal to slow down peace processes while speaking to those who are fighting against Israel? Who in their right mind would, while speaking to those very people who were not very long ago shooting rockets into civilian areas, say this, thus giving them an excuse for doing so.

Why was the mention of Israel not completely focused on reprimanding those instigators of violence? Why did he not make it very clear that as long as any type of terrorist actions were taking place, America would not be dealing with those taking part in the terrorist acts? The answer is because Obama does not believe this. He does not think that America does not deal with terrorists. In fact he has made it very clear that we do just the opposite. What a bright idea. This lets other countries know that 'if you want to get America's attention, start causing trouble.' He could let other countries know that in order to speak to America you must behave, but he chooses the opposite.

I am not left with many choices when it comes to interpreting these two actions of Barak Obama. On one hand, when an evil threat is gaining more power, and killing people in the streets of his own country, Obama says we do not mingle in the affairs of other countries. While on the other hand, he time and time again speaks out to Israel, telling them to stop building houses in their own land. (Imagine if England called on the U.S to stop building houses in Texas.) So he says we do not mingle in others affairs in order to allow an evil man to continue to be a threat to the world, and at the same time works to give terrorists more control over land in Israel. (The same terrorists who were shooting missiles into Isreal earlier this year.)

I do not think I need to say anymore. The only one who needs to explain this contradiction of his stated foreign policy is our President. He needs to explain why he is working to help terrorists, instead of our allies, for I sure as hell can not.

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