Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Palin- Democrats worst enemy

As I am sure you all know Sarah Palin resigned from her position as Governor of Alaska this past Friday. As she said, a major reason which led her to this decision was all of the attacks she was under by the Democrats. She said that she was facing over half a million dollars in legal bills that were necessary to fight all of the ethics complaints filed against her. (Which she won all of.)

This led me to wonder. Why do the Democrats hate her so much. She was constantly under heavy criticism and attacks form the DNC, and the media. What was it about her that made her the recipient of such hatred.

I believe it was the fact that by her being in the position she was in, a big name in the Republican party, she stood as a proof against many of the claims the democrats have against us. You constantly hear the democrats say that the republicans are close minded, racists and sexists, and so on. With a woman on the ballot for Vice President, it is kind of hard to say that Republicans are sexists.

Another attack they commonly make is that Republicans are out-of-touch with the common class. That the Republicans represent wealthy Americans but leave the middle class behind. Again, she proves them wrong. She is a member of the middle class herself, but yet she finds herself a big force in the Republican party.

Bottom line, the democrats hate her because she is a success, and they hate success. With the liberals it all comes down to jealousy. An attractive women, from a small town in Alaska who worked her way up to become a big name in national politics. It is not fair in their eyes. They have not achieved such success, so why should she? Thus, they have an agenda to bring her down to their level to make 'things fair again.'

Which is so sad, but yet so typical of the liberal philosophy. Rather than find a way to lift ones self and achieve success for themselves as well, the liberals seek to bring all those ahead of them back to their level and once again 'level the playing field.'

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