Monday, July 6, 2009

Barack Obama- Kung Fu Fighter

Have you ever seen those Jackie Chan movies where he ends up forced to fight against 20 guys at once? I have, and I love them. But did you not always wonder, why do they always attack, one or maybe two at a time allowing for him to win. (Of course you know it is because they are following the script, but work with me here.) Why don't they all attack him at once, and they will certainly beat him. Jackie wouldn't even have known what hit him.

Well, President Obama might have also watched these movies. He also noticed that when the thugs attack Jackie one at a time, Jackie always wins. He is employing this strategy now, as he works to pass a great deal of legislation, in a very short time. He knows that if we had time to block the punches of Cap-and-trade and health care reform one at a time we would knock them away with ease. But when we are hit by multiple attacks simultaneously, we are caught off guard and loose the battle.

These legislations President Obama and his cronies are trying to force through Congress and the Senate will have devastating effects. We know this not by speculation, but by evidence. Look at the other countries, that Barack himself directs us to look at for examples as to how these types of government initiatives play out. He tells us to look at Spain where possibly the biggest energy reform has taken place. He guides us very selectively to see all of the jobs that were created. He forgets to mention that even more jobs were lost. He forgets to mention all of the businesses that were shut down. I see where CNN gets its reporting style from.

The health care reform, I can guarantee you will not only result in higher medical bills, higher taxes and increased government debt. It will also result in unnecessary deaths. Again not just a prediction, but fact, as reported by the countries who have very strong government involvement in health care. I will get more into health care in the near future, but just remember, there is a reason people come from all over the world to seek medical care in America.

One more point, then I will return to my MCAT studying. (Yes MCAT studying. How do I have time to write a blog and study for the most difficult exam in the world? Yes, I am just that good.) Today we heard Obama's TelePrompter (I presume, I thankfully only heard it, I did not have to see him,) announce that we will be the leaders in cutting back on nuclear missiles, along with a joint effort by Russia. In today's time, with the horrible regimes in Iran and N. Korea, how can we be cutting down on our nuclear war power? Even if Obama really feels Russia is completely not a threat and that as long as we disarm together we will for sure be safe from the Russians, how can he forget about Iran and N. Korea? Does he honestly expect these regimes that beat and kill their own people, to suddenly want to play nice and disarm solely because we are? Does he truly not understand that the only way to control these monsters is to show them that we can?

Maybe President Obama was indeed watching those movies when he was younger, while President Reagan showed how to handle hostile regimes, including Iran. He reminded them who the boss was, us. He did not march around the world apologizing for us protecting ourselves. He did not take initiatives, such as reducing spending on defense making us weaker. He understood that in order to keep peace, especially with evil regimes, it must be known that we are strong, and that there will be consequences to those that do not behave. As Teddy said, "carry a big stick."

We must not let President Obama get away with this. As Rush says, we need him to fail, for if he succeeds, we do not. Our success, and his are inversely proportional. We must slow him down and take each punch independently, so that we can properly fight them off. We must not let him continue to pile on more and more devastating reform until we collapse. Now is the time to fight back before it is too late. Now is the time to force Barack to fully explain what he is really trying to do, because quite frankly right now, 'no one understands the words that are coming out of his mouth.' And those of us who do, see that he has a quasi hidden agenda to slowly, from within, destroy this great country. We must act now, for if we wait much longer he might succeed, and we will pay the price, literally.

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